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WE TRAIN COMPUTER SYSTEMS to be friends with each other by API

Your reliable partner in the integration of information systems by API for the development of your business

What is an API?

API (Application Programming Interface)

- an interface that allows different applications to communicate with each other, allows you to create, edit and manage data through your application.

use the API -

accelerate your business growth!

why do you need API integration?


The ability to integrate the interface with social networks, other devices, which, as a result, affects the expansion of the client audience and increases user loyalty.


Improving the functionality of the product. For example, by connecting payment systems, Google.Maps, search engine, etc.


Optimization of business processes by linking the site / application with a CRM system. Such a solution will allow you to manage resources faster and more efficiently, and simplify interaction with employees.

make API integration between your systems once

and No more routine and manual transfer of information!

API Integration Development Stages

the form

You fill in the form and send us


You will receive an SMS notification and an email with a brief list. We collect data about the application, find out your requirements and wishes.

Technical task

We are waiting for an answer. Based on your answers, we draw up a technical assignment.

Valuation and cost

We estimate the work in terms of time and cost. An hour of developer work costs € 20. We agree with you.


When you have approved the upcoming work, we send you an invoice for payment of 50% of the cost.


You provide access to work on the integration to all the necessary accounts, with sufficient rights to manage.


We are starting to integrate the applications and services of your choice.


We check the finished product for compliance with the original requirements, correctness of work.


We transfer the integration to operation. We write technical instructions, where we give examples and teach how to use it.


We send you an invoice to pay for the integration. After payment, do not forget to close the provided access.

We are the official partner of Integromat

our team

Konstantin Shevchenko

IT specialist, integrator


Anastasia Shcherbina

Administrator, designer


Danila Shevchenko

Developer, integrator


about company

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