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automated sales funnels
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What is an auto sales funnel?


is a step-by-step scenario that a user goes through from the first visit to the site to making a purchase. To make it go through it "automatically", auto messages are used. Here we are talking specifically about the auto sales funnel. We just set up the funnel correctly in order to encourage a person to come to a specific site. In the future, every action of the buyer becomes a new touch. The more there are, the easier it is to convert a visitor into a customer.

Here's what a funnel looks like in terms of user readiness to buy:

The tasks that the creation of an auto funnel solves

Allows you to competently and unobtrusively influence your potential client, taking into account his needs


Allows you to automate the process of working with a client on the way to transform him from a potential lead into a real client


Allows you to get ahead of the competition a few steps ahead


You will have extra time for yourself


Provides the opportunity for long-term engagement of your audience. And even if a potential client is off the hook, there is an opportunity to work through the received lead from the other side.


the benefits of introducing an auto funnel

More profit

Get a unique product matrix with upsell mechanics

More customer confidence

Будете выстраивать долгосрочные отношения с клиентами благодаря email-маркетингу

More free time

Finally you will be able to control sales and get yourself out of the OS

How we are working?


this will help offer you a unique sales funnel tailored to the needs of your target audience.

Create a product matrix

which warms up to the first purchase, sells your product, raises the average check and returns to repeat purchases.

Building a divergent behavior scenarios

how to keep a customer in the funnel if he says no or has doubts about the purchase.

Select sales tools

landing pages, emails, webinars selling videos, and more.

automate communication

we set up email campaigns, auto calls, instant messengers, SMS, chat bots and push notifications.

as a result

You get a SYSTEM that brings many times more profit due to well-thought-out scenarios of the behavior of your potential customers

An auto funnel cannot be created according to a template - each business has its own tasks that we are able to solve

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