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Free email service from Google. Provides access to mailboxes through the web interface and via the POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols, as well as in the Gmail application on Android.

Possible API integrations


with other applications

WordPress integration with gmail

After registering a user on your WordPress site, automatically send him Gmail emails

Google calendar integration with gmail

Create Google Calendar events from new Gmail with labels

Facebook integration with gmail

Send email addresses from Gmail in offline Facebook conversions

Skype integration with gmail

Send a Skype message when a new email arrives in Gmail

Mail integration with gmail

Automatically forward new emails containing a specific word to another Gmail email address

Telegram integration with GMAIL

Every time a new email arrives in your Gmail inbox with the specified email address, it is automatically sent by a Telegram message

Integration of CRM SYSTEMS with gmail

When you receive a new email in Gmail, a new task is automatically created in your CRM system

Google Sheets integration with gmail

When an email is received, Google Spreadsheet checks the correspondence between the sender's email address and a list of customer email addresses

google forms Integration with gmail

Send messages via Gmail to get replies to new Google Forms

Burst Sms integration with gmail

Send batch SMS messages for new emails. Every time a new email arrives in Gmail, it automatically checks for emails with specific labels and sends an SMS using bulk SMS

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