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google forms

with other applications

We help businesses create integrations for
different systems with each other

google forms

With Google Forms, you can conduct surveys and collect data into spreadsheets for free.

Possible API integrations

google forms

with other applications

Telegram integration with Google Forms

Posting new Google Forms responses to Telegram

Mail integration with Google forms

Receive emails about new submissions to Google Forms

crm SYSTEMS Integration with Google Forms

Create cards in your CRM from new Google Forms responses

Google drive integration with Google Forms

Create Google Drive folders from new Google Forms responses

Facebook integration with Google forms

Submit new posts from Google Forms to Facebook Custom Audiences

Skype integration with Google forms

Post new Google form responses in Skype

Google calendar integration with Google Forms

When a date is specified when filling out a Google form, it automatically appears in your Google calendar

google sheets Integration with Google forms

When a user fills out your Google form, the information is automatically sent to the Google Sheets spreadsheet

payment systems Integration with Google forms

Connect convenient payment systems for automatic transactions

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