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Smart Sender

A platform for increasing sales and customer loyalty on autopilot using chatbots and instant messengers

The company helps
business to create integrations for various

Possible API integrations OF Smart sender with other applications:

Integration of Google drive with Smart Sender

automatically publish your files to Smart sender channels or save to specified Google drive folders

Integration of CRM SYSTEMS with Smart Sender

you can get automatic addition of data filled in user in the client card, opening a business process in your CRM SYSTEM

Integration of Google Sheets with Smart Sender

You can get all messages or any data filled by users in any part of the funnel into your Google Sheet

Integration of payment systems with Smart Sender

connect convenient payment systems for automatic transactions

Mail integration with Smart Sender

You can send letters from your mailbox to any specified Smart Sender channel or, conversely, receive notifications to a convenient mail for you

Google calendar integration with Smart Sender

when an event is created in your calendar, it automatically adds to the channel of your choice in Smart Sender

Integration of google forms with Smart Sender

when a user fills out your Google form, the information is automatically sent to the channel of your choice in the Smart Sender

Facebook integration with Smart Sender

share new posts on Facebook and automatically duplicate it in any Smart Sender channel

Integration of wordpress with Smart Sender

share new posts, messages in wordpress and automatically duplicate them in any Smart Sender channel

Evernote integration with Smart Sender

Every time a new message arrives in a specific chat / Smart Sender channel, it automatically adds a new note to your chosen Evernote notebook

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