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Business process automation

is the development, implementation and automation of business processes based on predetermined logical rules. The goal is to automatically route tasks, data, and files between people, applications, and systems, and to reduce repetitive human labor.

Why are companies using business process automation?

Turning manual processes into self-contained “machines” allows business owners to strategically take their next steps.

Spend less time digging through your inbox


Collect Big Data to Make Smarter Decisions

Link people, applications and processes


Speed up data entry tasks


Free up time that is usually wasted on boring, low-value work.


Avoid manual tasks that are performed by humans (and therefore prone to human error)



We have developed a convenient work system for you, which significantly speeds up the automation


We guarantee the creation of a transparent relationship with the client. You will be able to observe, understand and control all our actions, you yourself set a clear timing from the start to the end of the project.


Why do you need business process automation?

Your days are filled with hard work

  1. Have you ever felt like you’re moving information around endlessly? What you do is necessary, but not necessary for you.
  2. Copying and pasting is the smallest waste of time and the surest sign that you can use workflow automation. Also, where people work, mistakes will be made. Fatigue can lead to incorrect data entry or data loss and even compromise data security.
  3. If the process of moving data is always the same, automation will likely save you the trouble of doing it manually.
  4. You may be tempted to think that this is not a problem, but it takes a lot of time and money.
  5. Consider onboarding employees, checking documents, manually resetting your password. Assuming an average hourly labor cost of $ 30.00 would result in an annual loss of $ 15,000 or more per employee on unproductive tasks.

Decreased customer satisfaction

  1. The data shows that “poor customer service” is the second reason why shoppers stop buying from a brand (“higher prices” is the main reason).
  2. The reality is that customers want quick responses.
  3. About 80% of people expect a response within 5 minutes when interacting with your company, regardless of the channel used.
  4. Needless to say, automation can help you respond faster to customer requests. But first, let’s get to the obvious: How do you handle incoming requests? Is every message being answered quickly or is something escaping attention?
  5. If your team is drowning in a lot of requests, workflow automation will be a good ally.
  6. For a more holistic approach to automating customer support, you can start by mapping the entire customer journey. This will allow you to identify where things are going downhill and automate the work according to your specific needs.

Heavy workforce

  1. Do you have difficulty getting the job done on time?
  2. Where are the instances of manual reviews and reviews and what do they look like?
  3. Where are unfinished tasks slipping between cracks, causing unnecessary delays between starting and finishing work?
  4. Employees want to feel like they are making progress in their careers. However, this will not happen if they spend their days in frustration, waiting for approval from the next link in the chain.
  5. Your employees are wasting time, and you are wasting resources. Most importantly, we are surrounded by ineffective processes.
  6. Think about forms, for example. Do you have staff performing data entry tasks for form responses? Worse, are forms moving through slow channels like email?
  7. Create workflows that eliminate document sharing and uploading by email, and you save valuable time for your employees.
  8. Then there is the problem of employee burnout.

Your business processes are not clearly documented

  1. Lack of visibility can lead to chaos and insecurity. Uncertainty about who is responsible for what, important tasks are ultimately overlooked.
  2. Remember, the solution is not to kill out-of-the-box thinking or attempts at innovation, on the contrary. By documenting processes, each person knows what is expected of him.
  3. Well-defined processes also make it easier to find ways to cut costs and optimize your business.
  4. You will be able to assess whether the processes make sense. Otherwise, workflow automation will be your salvation.

High cost, low profitability

  1. If your operating costs are on the rise, it’s important to take a close look at your business.
  2. Before experimenting with pricing strategies, consider optimizing your business.
  3. Reduce Your Costs by Identifying Waste Areas and Get Started автоматизацию, чтобы увеличить свою прибыль.

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