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API Integration

API - application programming interface, which allows you to create, edit and manage data through your application.

No more routine and manual transfer of information!

For example , the client will write to you in any messenger, and information about him will be immediately displayed in the CRM, with which the sales department works. You will get rid of errors associated with manual copying of information, and improve communication between divisions of the company.

Make your choice

According to statistics, 90% of companies use from 5 to 25 different information systems for their activities. Many of the processes require transfer of the information from one application to another.

There are 2 ways out of the situation

Copying by hand, which is expensive and time-consuming as a result

Set up automatic system integration to avoid manual labor

Integration benefits

Whenever you or your employee copy data from one system to another, you pay for it. In fact, you pay for manual copying of the information. For help with Copy & Paste. This process is not noticeable, however, in modern conditions, during work, every employee spends from 30 to 120 minutes a day, only for transferring data between systems. This means that you are paying for low-skilled labor that can be automated

Free your employees’ time for the really important things that generate income


Let’s say your employee spends 30 minutes copying data from a third-party source to your database. Processing 20 applications per day. The copying process takes 1.5 minutes for each application

Then 0.5 hours * 22 working days * $30. / Hour * 12 months = $3960. / Year. for unnecessary work


If your employees spend 30 minutes a day on data transfer, then you are spending $ 3960 per year on this operation

The benefits of integration and automatic data transfer in business tools for manual data processing

Mini exercise for the leader

You will need

stopwatch and calculator

Time the seconds

How many seconds will it take for your employee to copy data from one source to another?


T (time to copy) x 5 (without you being present) x K (Number of applications / tickets processed per day) x 22 (business days) * 12 (months) * L (number of employees) = Your organization's annual costs of using technology " Copy & Paste "how much do you spend on copying data per year?


These costs can be avoided and replaced with automation.