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What is API Integration?

API - application programming interface which allows you to create, edit and manage data through your application .....

How to apply?

According to statistics, 90% of companies use from 5 to 25 different information systems for their activities

Many of the processes require the transfer of information from one application to another

If your systems are not interconnected by API, then data between systems is not transferred at all, or your employee spends time on transferring information manually for money

How to create an API integration?

Integration development stages

WE WORK WITHIN ONE INTEGRATION When an order comes in for the integration of two systems, it may contain not one, but several integrations. For example: You want to integrate your internet shop ....

How much does API integration cost?

One hour of API developer costs 30 €

On average, one API integration takes 6-10 hours

How long does it take to develop one integration API?

The exact timing is determined after studying a specific problem. To do this, the task is described at the first stage of creating a New API integration