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my name is Konstantin Shevchenko.
I am an integromat scripting developer and creator


I have extensive experience in IT for over 30 years. I think through scripts well, so there are few bugs in my work, and scripts are easy to maintain and improve. I think big and go. I have rich experience with data. I am well versed in them. I know many systems and can integrate them with each other.


- Python (prefer for development)
- C, C++, C#
- Java
- Perl
- Javascript, HTML, CSS
- Bash shell
- VRML (3D modeling language)
- Basic

Work speed

I work quickly. I organize my work systematically. Focused on results.

I am an official partner of Integromat

Here is my page

The cost

The cost of my hour of work is 30€ per hour.

I am very glad that I came across the work of Konstantin. He quickly took my difficult task apart, helped me create......
The guys are working very cool! I needed to integrate my online store on Bubble with my supplier, so that orders......
I was delighted that with the guys we can create a system that connects several products that I use. It is very important......