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signing documents online – a great solution for those who want to sign documents online.

Examples of online document signing applications:

Signing contracts

with employees

Signing contracts

with clients

When should you use the online document signing system?

  1. When there is such a possibility in the legislation of the country and the signed electronic documents are accepted as documents for the court.
  2. When you want the person with whom you are signing the document to read some important information and clearly state that he is familiar with it.
  3. When you want to raise the importance of an event, for example, your clients need to clearly show the importance of your interaction with them and the signing of an agreement is a milestone that clearly directs the client that the relationship began from that moment, although this does not give you any legal benefit.

In this described case, the signing of documents was with employees when they were hired.

We used several systems for implementation:

Google Docs

Google Drive


management system for any documents and their statuses

Algorithm of the system of automatic online signing of documents:

1. The system tracks the employee’s stages in the ClickUp system
2. When the employee proceeds to the stage of sending the contract, the system creates a contract from the Google Docs document template and adds the finished contract with the employee’s data to a specific folder.
3. The link to the document is added to the task in the ClickUp system
4. The algorithm transfers the task to the status of editing the contract with the employee and sends it to the responsible person for review.
5. After checking and editing the contract, the responsible employee transfers the task to the status of signing.
6. The system finds the task in the signing status and sends the already formed agreement to the online document signing system
7. System – sends a document for signature to a future employee.
8. The employee gets acquainted with the contract and, if he agrees, signs it online
9. After the employee signs the document, the system – sends a message about the status of the document, after which the status of the document in the ClickUp system changes
10. All the contract is signed, all parties are notified of the result.

As a result of the implementation, the percentage of manual labor has decreased by more than 5 times per operation

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