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Robot Online Store!

We represent robots as something tangible. The robot has arms, legs, and a head. However, robots can be without arms or legs, but they can do a lot of useful actions. So many that we don’t want to live without them.
Let’s imagine an ideal situation. You have a Robot Online Store.

That he can?

He knows how to work like this:


It is constantly synchronized with suppliers so that all goods are always in stock and the price is up-to-date. He fills himself with goods.

Bank or payment system

The online store robot is able to automatically accept payment from the client. Link it to the order and move the order to the next stage.


The online store robot is able to correctly process an order. Reveal what is, what is not, and even return money for the goods. And the main thing is to order goods from a supplier if he works with a drop ship and forget about the order. The order will be fulfilled by the supplier himself.

Execute delivery

The robot can independently send the delivery data to the carrier. order a paid product from a supplier. And even send it immediately to the client.


Knows how to send information to the CRM system and translate orders or processes at different stages, depending on what happened in the store.


Knows how to automatically launch ads for new products, as well as turn off ads if the product is out of stock or has disappeared from the supplier.

communication with the client

Knows how to communicate with clients in chat bots. Sell households via chat. Make offers, promotions and more.

All this is already available through the integration of your online store with other information systems.

Focus on what is generating income. We will automate the rest for you.

Multi-armed enough to be multi-legged!
Do you want yourself a robot online store?
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