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What is API Integration?

API — application programming interface allowing different applications to communicate with each other.

Why are APIs needed

and how are they applied?

Currently, each organization uses from 5 to 25 different information systems. In this case, the task of transferring data from one system to another often arises. As a rule, the employees of the company are engaged in this. And of course, at the expense of the employer.
In other words, when employees of the company transfer data manually, you pay for the copying of the data.
This happens imperceptibly, one line of data every half an hour, but on average, if an employee spends 30 minutes a day on transferring data from one system to another, then you spend 20,000 UAH. per employee per year, only for data transfer from one system to another.

The creation of a connection between different systems allows you to reduce costs and speed up processes in the company.

API - the connection is created once, but works for you all the time.

The best way to process data in a company is when all information in a company moves between systems automatically without human intervention.

Examples of API integrations that accelerate business:

Receiving leads from Facebook automatically directly to your CRM, Google sign, by mail. Publishing posts in various promotion channels, for example, make a post on your website, and the message is automatically posted on your Facebook page, Telegram channel, Viber channel and other channels with API.

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