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Magic wand from smartphone

Made for my wife a magic wand from the phone without a single line of code for the Automate + Integromat application script.

I created an application on the phone that reacts to the position of the phone in space and is able to remember the trajectory of the phone.

As a result, I got a magic wand. )

Now my wife, in order to place an order in her favorite package, waves her phone and the order prepared in advance from her Google Sheets goes to the store, and the phone receives a message that the order has been sent.

Within an hour, she receives a call from the delivery company with specifications for the order or with the specification of the delivery time.

It’s fun to make a “Magic Wand” out of your phone! )

If you liked it, here is a small instruction on how to make a “Magic Wand” from your phone without ZeroCoding!


  1. Automate App
  2. Script Integromat


Create a script on the system

1. The script must start with the WebHook module.

There you will receive a message that the movement has been completed.

Run the script. It will accept the message if you did everything right.

Link address for the next module.

Building a motion detection application in Automate

Install the Automation app link above.

1. Create Flow in Automate app.

2. Add just two steps there. And connect them together as indicated here.

2.1. “Motion gesture” – located in the “Sensor” section

After adding you will see the application page where you can record your movement for the magic wand and remember it, as well as give it a name.

2.2. “HTTP request” in the “Connectivity” section.

Configure HTTP connection:

Request URL: Link to WebHook in the Integromat system. I’ll describe in more detail below.

Request content body: Simple Json of any kind. In the picture, one variable type_motion is passed. By reading this variable in the script Integromat you can decide what to do in one case or another.

Run both applications

Enjoy the magic wand made from your phone. Delight your friends and family with IT tricks.

If you want to make more than one, but several movements, then you need to make several scripts in the Automate application.

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